Body, mind and soul release

No photo description available.Have you ever made a new years resolution that you managed to stick to through out the new year, one which changed your life for the better? Making resolutions is our way of trying to improve ourselves by changing or adapting our lives in a way which we feel will make our life, health or happiness better. It’s a way of placing goals and hopes and dreams in place and then sticking to the game plan to make that dreams come true. Every new year gives us the chance to create a new start if that is what we need, or change something that we know is no longer serving us. But new years resolutions are not always that easy to stick to and if they were, they wouldn’t be hopes and dreams in the first place! Something that we covet is usually worth striving for but the good things in life will never come to us without first making the decision and then chasing that goal.

If you have tried many times to achieve a resolution but find yourself falling into old patterns of behavior that disassociate you from your goals, Mal Weeraratne’s simple body emotional release technique can help you to get rid of the blocks that prevent change in your life. Emotional Detox is the method that Mal Weeraratne created using ancient energy practices of the east and combining Tantric and Taoist techniques into a modern and effective way of ridding the negative or toxic emotions and thoughts which have been stored in the body and form the base of a pattern of behaviours which no longer are relevant or serve our body, mind or spirit any longer. Emotional Detox through body release is a technique that Mal Weeraratne has been using on men and women with great success for many years. Tantric energy the main focus of the practice and the aim is to use that energy to release any blocks that we have stored up in our bodies in order to rid ourselves of the energies which cause disease, premature aging, depression and mental illnesses as well as behavioural and relationship patterns which do not allow us to reach our full potential with ourselves, our loved ones and our families and friends.

Mal Weeraratne’s stages of therapy are designed to take you from a state of unknowing to one of knowing for both body and mind. It is said that Spirit holds the reigns for the well-being of the body and mind and tried to steer us into better decision-making patterns that will support our future selves in reaching the best possible state of joy that it is possible to reach. Spirit will guide us into directions which will challenge us to drop the old, free us from our past transgressions and regrets and wash them away, leaving a clean slate. If this is something that you believe your Spirit is looking to steer your body and mind towards then Mal Weeraratne is available in London, to assist you with that process. Mal Weeraratne’s emotional detox will support your journey towards a better version of you!


Keep Downtime to a Minimum with Industrial Blower Services

Understanding your industry is what IBS does best. Understanding the special equipment that your company uses and knowing how important it is to the functioning of your day to day business is the business of the professionals at IBS. With so many industries to consider, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is no one out there who has the level of understanding that you do, of what is required to make your company a success in the your industry but with IBS as your preferred supplier, you will never be without the assistance of top shelf engineering products, equipment and services for the maintenance of your business.

All industries from the food and beverage industry, the vast chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and the like, demands accurate and consistent industrial mixing equipment for the smooth running of the business. With Industrial mixing equipment there is no room for error as any small inconsistency can ruin the quality of your products resulting in a large amount of wastage which can sink your business, especially when the products are expensive per capita or made in quickly and in large quantities. Entire batches can cost you dearly with loss of product or worse, loss of your customer to your competitor. IBS chooses only the best products for your business which is why there are always plentiful stocks of Mix srl for mixing systems or their components and Olocco company for rotary and diverter valves.

Mix - Filtrazione  Mix - Valvole

Never let cost of innovation stand in the way of your business’s success. Innovation during these swiftly changing times resulting from the 4th and indeed the swift on-set of the 5th industrial revolution requires that you keep your business up to date with the best equipment which helps you meet the needs of an innovating global market.

Sure it is recognised that over the years, very little has changed in the function of pumps and valves however the application has become more diverse which is why certain specialised products, which have been designed for low air speed airflow such as Gvf impianti can have a large and sustained impact on your business and that of the industry in which you operate. Dense conveying equipment used for low and high transfer rates of rough or abrasive materials where a dense phase convey produces the optimal result which is required for a large section of the pneumatic conveying industry. This is a low-speed, slow and steady-style system which is why it is vital that the margin for error is minimal. Many pneumatic conveying specialists will understand that the correct conveyance phase for highly abrasive materials is most desired in order to meet the handling of your material requirements.

No matter the speed of the product output for your business needs it is important to utilise the systems which will help you to achieve your business goals and partnering with IBS will guarantee this result. Quality and quantity can mean different outcomes in different environments and not one size will fit all, in the fast-paced engineering and industrial business. Choose clearly with IBS products and the quality of products and services they provide.


Purchase excellent multi-purpose marquees

the traditional diy marquee range

How can I use a marquee? Let me count the ways! Marquees are by far the most versatile non-permanent structure which can be used for any event imaginable. Not only is a marquee an adaptable solution to your entertaining needs, its also affordable. Not sure about that? Go to DIY’s Marquees Marquee Buyers Guide which will direct you on everything to do with marquees from features and accessories for your marquee to sizes, lay-outs, and costs, using the interactive planner. There is no doubt that a marquee offers several benefits for you when you are planning any event, large or small. The first question you need to ask yourself when planning an event is where will the event be held? A marquee provides you with an immediate solution because it can go anywhere there is a flat space large enough to contain the size of the marquee. Problem solved! And nothing is more beautiful than an outdoor event where you can choose nature’s beauty as your backdrop.

Our DIY Party Tents offer solutions to event problems that you may not even have thought of yet and because our marquees are only the best when it comes to quality and strength, they can be utilized year-round, even in the unpredictable British weather. If you are expecting inclement weather and want to take extra precautions to be safe, we have a solution for any weather-related problem.

Marquees are perfect for accommodating a large crowd and is easily adapted and adjusted so that you can make it bigger or smaller as needs require. If you are someone who is thinking about using a marquee as part of your event planning or marketing and advertising business, we have a large selection of traditional marquees for sale which are simple to erect and hard-wearing for frequent use. DIY understands how important it is to have a marquee that is easy to both erect and pack away and which is resistant to damp so the quality of the materials which are used for the marquee are of great importance so DIY feels confident that purchasers of marquees required for frequent use, will be satisfied with their traditional marquee choice as they are made to exceptionally high quality standards.

Stuck with an awkward location or odd-shaped piece of ground which needs some creative thinking for presenting your tent? Don’t bat an eye … simply check out how to extend or connect one or more marquees to enable you to cover any unusual space. Then go ahead and decorate or brand your marquee as required. No one party should be the same old party as the last one. DIY Marquees has many additional features which you can use to make each, and every event stand out from the previous one. A simple change like adding lighting or add or remove sides or flooring and dividing small and large areas with passages and dance floors can enhance and change the dimensions of your marquee which is why they are so useful. Let’s get the party started!


Legal service Guildford related to the funeral industry

Lodge Brothers Legal Services Fees Image

Lodge Brothers is the familiar, well-known nationwide organisation who recently created a new division of their business, Lodge Brothers Legal services. Established to assist with all of the legal aspects pertaining to the end of life-affairs of an individual who is now no longer around to take care of personal and financial details. Here you can expect expert help from the family you can turn to.

One of the earliest things that a individual will need as they begin to grown into adulthood, is a bank account in order to manage their financial transactions and this is the first step towards independence. The vast majority of UK residence and citizens would have their own bank accounts from a substantially early age. As school and studies finish and young adults move into the working world a person may begin gain assets: perhaps different modes of transport, items of value, sentimental pieces, electronic devices and more. A person may then become the parent or guardian of baby or young child which may result in the purchasing or renting of accommodation which is needed to house and keep your family safe and provided for. One might even begin to accrue assets and wealth, create trusts or investing in shares. However sometimes, life takes a turn for the poorest and can become difficult as we manage our finances and assets which may result in a loss of income or major debt of some kind resulting from unforeseen circumstances. This too needs to managed.

Life brings endless scenarios which, at the end of the day, will need to be considered, assessed and finalised. Understandably, there are legal aspects to this process that require a specialist to step in with professional advice in order to assist. Turn to Lodge Brothers Legal Service Ashford for expert advice and a free no-obligation quote.

After our passing, that bank account which we open early in life will need to be finalised and closed, debtors and creditors assessed. This requires an appointed professional who will handle this detail and many others. Fortunately, legal service Weybridge is the sole focus for the team of Lodge Brothers legal advisors. Attorneys at law who are intimately familiar with what needs to be done to finalise an individual’s estate, ensuring any debts or monies are handled in line with tax and other legal requirements and that any assets, monies, trusts and sentimental keepsakes or items of value,  are correctly handled in line with your final wishes, as prescribed by your Will.

Legal service Guildford related to the funeral industry include allocating power of attorney, management of probate which is managed by Lodge Brothers Legal service Woking attorneys who work directly with the courts in order to finalise estates, assets, debts and finalizing who will be taking ownership of these aspects of your life now that you are no longer around to deal with them. An attorney of this kind is of great value to your family, friends and loved ones during difficult and complicated times. Guaranteed to assist with any Legal service Ashford, your affairs can be trusted to Lodge Brothers professional attorneys in around the UK.


Someone to have fun with

Are you a social person looking for something a little more than just social media to sustain your interests? Looking for something that is more about getting out and meeting people rather than passively following or liking on social media. Dukes of Daisy can start you on the path to a more active social life with just a few clicks.

Dukes of Daisy’s is a popular UK based Companion Escort Service which offers non-sexual dating services for men and women around the country who are looking to take their social lives out of the ether and into reality. Meet hundreds of eligible men or women in your area who have signed up as suitable dating companions and waiting for you to click their picture and get in touch so that they can accompany you where-ever you are going. Click the pic of some of your favourite gents who pique your fancy and read all about their likes and dislikes before you get to decide who you fancy spending some time with doing what you like to do in your downtime.

Dukes of Daisy provides the perfect solution to the social problem that many are facing, regardless of their age: where do I go to meet people? Our companion service does what no other form of social media does, it brings eligible male and female escorts straight to your device so that you can scroll and choose without the fear of rejection. This service has proven so successful that men and women are queuing up to become a male escort or a female companion. Safe, controlled and with the support of the Dukes of Daisy team, men and woman can seamlessly sign up to offer their time to anyone looking to rent a friend for any occasion or just to spend time with.

As a male escort with Dukes of Daisy, you can choose your preferred gender as well as let people know what you are all about, sharing as much or as little about yourself as you like.  The more you share about your likes and dislikes, hobbies and favourite past times, the more likely you will be to get inquiries. Dukes of Daisy’s recommends that escorts chose their preferred areas where they would like to meet up with any prospective friend to make it easier to find someone who is in your area. Any questions that you, as a potential male of female escort, may have, can more than likely be answered when you log onto the website. If there are any questions that are not answered sufficiently can be answered by contacting the office of Dukes of Daisy. There is always a helping hand to those who are interested in trying something new and interesting in the social world. So easy and accessible, this is an exciting way of meeting people from all walks of life who can offer experiences that you may never before have had access to. Become a male escort and expand your social world.


Day or night assistance with Patient Affairs

Lodge Brothers Contact

When you are facing a time of bereavement after the recent passing of someone near and dear to you, it seems impossible to have to make decisions of a logistical nature regarding how to manage the event. Once you have taken the time you need to grieve the recent passing and have had time to attend to any religious rites or ethnic and cultural customs, or organ donation, it will be time to begin arrangements for the ceremony.

The first thing that will have to be attended to is the moving of your loved one’s body, from the hospital to a mortuary which is why Lodge Brothers funeral homes are placed as near to hospitals as possible so that you can catch a cab, bus or even walk through to your local branch. By this stage of the process, you will be emotionally bereaved and exhausted so you can now hand over to our trained and caring professionals who will attend to the many details and begin the documentation which must be attended to while you sit and re-group with a much needed cup of tea or coffee.

The death certificate which needs to be issued from a licensed medical practitioner after death has been pronounced can be obtained by the funeral director who will then help you to plan the wake or funeral and other funeral-related details.

Our Lodge Brothers branches are extended densely across the UK and the offices, many of which are contactable on a 24/7 basis can also be reached by numerous instant and simple booking methods, making Lodge Brothers the most accessible funeral director in the UK.

A lot of the time, a person may already be in hospital due to accident, illness or old age and so having Lodge Brother funeral homes are so conveniently located near to hospitals around the country, is of great benefit. Lodge Brothers are ready and waiting near to your location, in order to make it easier to find someone to be of assistance, even if you are not in your local area when you need someone to assist you with patient affairs Ascot, day or night. Use the branch locator on our website to find your closest branch which is guaranteed to be no further than 10 minutes away from any hospital in the country.

Should your selected Lodge Brother branch not have a Patient Affairs Ashford branch on-site, any travel expenses that you incur when traveling from one of our branches to one of our Patient Affairs Chelsea branches across London and South East, will be refunded to you.

Lodge Brother Patient Affairs Chertsey are highly trained specialists and any one of the dedicated team can be reached by phone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using 020 7286 8718 or by visiting one of the branches. If you would like a tour of any of the funeral homes, this can be arranged. Alternatively, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the services which Lodge Brothers offers we can send a ‘Guide to Arranging A Funeral’ to your home, or you can view and download a PDF.

Contact Patient Affairs Ealing today for all funeral care around Easling and other Lodge Brothers branches


Malware Prevention with Knowall IT


Breakthrough prevention that stops known and unknown attacks

  • Stop malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks
  • Block emerging, never-before-seen attacks that other solutions may miss
  • Cut down the guesswork and close security gaps fast

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a fully managed service supplying expert professionals, technology and industry intelligence needed to hunt, lockdown and remediate attacks. By continuously monitoring your organisation’s endpoints and conducting detailed forensics, our expert Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) professionals obtain a real-time awareness of attackers’ movements in order to enhance threat discovery capabilities.



CB Defense uses advanced predictive models to analyse complete endpoint data and uncover malicious behaviour before they compromise your system.



The CB Predictive Security Cloud captures and stores unfiltered data from every endpoint, enabling CB Defense to analyse each event stream in context to uncover emerging attacks other solutions may miss.



CB Defense features industry-leading detection and response capabilities that reveal threat activity in real time, so we can respond to any type of attack as soon as it’s identified.



Bullet Journals, Dot journals or BUJO as they are also known, is an extremely popular way to spend quality time whilst recharging your batteries. Not only does owning a bullet journey return you to the traditional pen and paper concept of old, but they offer a creative outlet which services a purpose. The entire concept of Bullet Journals is centred around having fun. If like me, you are absolutely in love with stationery, Bullet Journaling is definitely for you. From the books themselves to the stationery that you use which enables you to make your journal simply divine, the entire experience is rewarding for anyone who loves to create. Choose a journal for yourself that you absolutely love and which inspires you then fill it with all your good intentions your creative juices can muster.

The biggest stumbling block which a person must first overcome is simply getting started. Many of us, myself included, feel that they are not creative enough to produce a really beautiful bullet journal. Watching Instagram and other online posts can leave you feeling that this is not the thing for you. From one ‘uncreative’ person to another, I’m here to share a few secrets with you.

First things first, the journal is YOURS and yours alone. No one starts out making the perfect free-hand journal page. There are no mistakes. It takes time to find your journaling strengths and get into the groove of what you want to create for your own specific requirements. So as you begin, play a little. Don’t expect the best of the best right away. And remember, there are always more journals out there which you can fill up and start over in. Why not keep all your journals so that you can look back and see how far you have come with your creative genius. And if no creative “genius” is evident, you will still most certainly grow and develop your own style. Remember, the joy is in the making.

Secondly, you don’t have to do this alone. By this, I mean that there are hundreds of beautiful supplies which you can use to help the process along. One thing that you need to know when you watch the free-hand guru’s online, is that the videos are sped up. So what you are seeing is not reality. But what I love the most about my journals is the stencils. Using a stencil means so much more variety. Using icons instead of letters can fill up a page with perfectly proportioned images which you can then embellish. While a structured approach to the journal itself will help you organise your journal, a free mind will help you decorate each and every page in your own special way, beautifully blending balance between your left and right brain.

If you are someone who is looking for a hobby that you can really through your heart and soul into, Journaling can be a life changing experience.

Ove the next few weeks, we will be showing you how to Bullet Journal with our step by step guide.


Dating made easy with Dukes of Daisy

Whatever it is that you are looking for in a companion date, be it good conversation, someone to go out to dinner with, someone to travel with and explore the countryside, see a movie perhaps, there is an escort for you to be found at Dukes of Daisy. Male or female escort, there is a companion date who is perfect for you and who is looking for someone to enjoy their time with. An escort, defined by the Urban Dictionary, is someone who is paid for their time.  At Dukes of Daisy, a companion date or escort is exactly what it sounds like: it is someone to spend your time with. So expectations of the physical aspects of what one might call traditional escorts is not something that you need worry about if you are looking for someone to have a laugh with and maybe throw in a tasty meal or a drink or two down the pub. No matter what you’re ideal dating scenario is, you will find the perfect companion date, whether you are looking for in the hundreds of gorgeous female escorts or sexy male escorts.

Search online now and get a sneak peak of who you could be spending time with. There are 2 ways to sign up on Dukes of Daisy. You can go and click on Rent a Friend. Here you will find Female escorts of all shapes and sizes, with every personality trait that you are looking for. If you are looking for someone who is going to laugh at your jokes, she is here waiting for you. If you are looking for a male escort, one who will enjoy your curvy figure and appreciate your intellect at the same time, go ahead and click on UK male escorts and begin the search.

The other way which you can sign up at Dukes of Daisy is to sign up to become a companion date. So if you are wondering how to become a female escort, it simply could not be easier. One thing to remember if you are hesitating on the sign up page: men enjoy all types of women. There is no one woman who will appeal to absolutely every male taste. Instead, you will find that most men are pretty easy to please… they are looking for someone they can enjoy being with. So if you are someone who is game for anything, or even if you are someone who is specific in what she likes to do and who she likes to do it with, then this is the opportunity for you to sign up on Dukes of Daisy and become someone best version of a companion date. If you take the times to complete all the questions on the contact form, giving lots of great information about yourself, you will find that you will find men and woman looking for exactly what you have to give. Its time to go for it and put yourself out there.


Customers choose Knowall IT every time

Our customers require only the best information technology infrastructure which is on offer in the world today and this is why they choose Knowall IT Services. Our customers have become accustomed to IT services from Knowall IT which is responsive, malleable and accessible resulting in the achievement of effective managed services which not only ensure full office integration, but also connectivity which enables full time access, security and protection of their data.



What does Knowall IT offer through the Managed Services IT Support Paddington Experts in the IT field would agree that any fundamental service-offering for managed service can only encompass the crème-de-la crème of technology and innovative services. No longer should or will customers settle with anything less than both professional, expert and personalised service from their IT service provider, coupled with the most innovative options, Industry 4.0 style, to keep their businesses up and running and at the top of their game.

Since its inception, Knowall IT has offered only the most ground-breaking and intuitive technology to support their customers with, delivering high-performance Cloud Hosting to support all our managed services, which is what makes Knowall IT the award-winner leader in innovation. When we say “your business, at your fingertips” this is our guarantee that your business will always be exactly there, at your fingertips, supported by our always-on technology. Alongside our 24/7 technical support, you will find yourself partnered with a company which will always take ownership of all of your IT issues and projects. Because we own all of our own hardware, we are able to offer all services at a fraction of the cost of other IT providers who outsource their hardware requirements to 3rd party-service providers. It is important for us to know that we have all of the hardware at our finger tips so that your business will never be left without access to its most protected and important data. The benefits of off-site service provision also means that no longer is the maintenance of expensive and constantly upgrading technology, your responsibility or your cost.

Part of what makes our IT Support Paddington more powerful than that of our competitors is the dedication of the professional IT engineers and the skill which we have attained through years of dedicated exploration of what it takes to be the best in our field. Practical experience coupled with outstanding IT knowledge and expertise sets our IT support staff far beyond the reach of their colleagues and peers in other companies. We have what it takes to be come and remain award-winning in our field and we offer this wealth of IT knowledge to our customers as part of our every-day service offering. In addition to open communication channels which we believe to be the crux of excellent service, all customer have access to our support desk staff who are friendly, patient and willing to go above and beyond the extra mile to support you when the time comes that you may need to contact us for advice. Knowing that our IT support sustains the operational and business requires of hundreds of top ranking organisations around the UK,  proves to us that there is no better IT Support for your business, than Knowall IT.

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